Meet Dominic

Dominic believes that integrated marketing communications plays a key role in delivering long-term business objectives for every company.

In his mind, the right marketing communications strategy is an imperative for every business, as it can be an extraordinary force multiplier.

His guidance has been praised as practical, intelligent and straightforward. His experience is recognised as broad and extensive, and his clients have described his ambitions for them as inspiring, especially when coupled with his infectious passion.

Experienced, credible and capable


Working as part of the team

With over 20 years’ experience delivering effective integrated strategies within B2B organisations, Dominic has worked for major international companies, including BAE Systems, Shell, Pizza Express Hong Kong and Inmarsat.

He has built and shaped marketing departments, developed strategies – from global to national, and created network of agencies and even worked within agencies.

He understands how things work from inside the marketing department of B2B businesses – the challenges faced, the desired goals and how to achieve them. He also understands what agencies need to create their magic.


He also has extensive experience as a consultant, working with international organisations such as BP, Network Rail, EY and Smart Sky Networks.

Bringing effective and practical integrated marketing communications solutions to each project, he drives forward ambitious targets that underpin business growth and long-term plans, whilst inspiring the passion to achieve them.

He truly believes in the power of effective marketing solutions to enhance and protect reputations and drive growth.

And vitally, he knows how to embed efficient and effective thinking across teams to help them make real achievements, whilst understanding how to leverage and optimise budgets.