Working together

Dominic works with businesses that have loyal and long-term marketing team seeking mentoring, as well as freshly formed ones with lots to prove and everything in between.

Whether those teams need to improve capability, are seeking development opportunities, want to refine methods, or are just after a refresh to energise their workforce, Dominic provides a different perspective helping to shape the right approach.

He takes a practical, no-nonsense and strategic approach, whether it’s about outperforming the competition, using budgets more intelligently or simply accelerating growth, Dominic can offer consultancy on a level that works for your business.

How would it work?

Step one – Assessment: The first step is meeting the leadership team and getting under the skin of the business to understand its approach to marketing communications and how it is leveraged to drive objectives and long term plans.

Step two – work begins: The work with marketing teams begins. Starting with the development of middle and senior marketing managers, Dominic mentors and develops the team, helping them to see just how effective marketing is as a strategic tool and why it is vital as an integral part of the business’ growth strategy.

The goal is to leverage marketing communications to re-engage target audiences and protect the credibility and reputation of your business, whilst strengthening capability – all leading to the business punching above its weight.

Step 3 – providing a roadmap: At the same time, Dominic will be working with CEOs and leadership teams to help them understand how to approach marketing communications in their organisation, ensuring their marcomms are set up to win and aligned with their long-term strategies.

Providing a roadmap for how to improve capability across eight key areas of marketing communications, Dominic provides guidance and advice on how to deliver the developed roadmap, with regular check-ins, corrections and alternatives.

In a nutshell, Dominic builds a powerful marketing force, ensuring the fundamentals, such as the right structures and foundations are in place for the long-term.

He develops and challenges the entire team to optimise marcomms and accelerate growth with better value marketing communication that has more effective outcomes.

A part-time CMCO

For some businesses, it’s useful for Dominic to take on a part-time contract role as Chief Marketing and Communications Officer (CMCO).

In this case, Dominic lends his strategic insight and experience to the business leaders and marketing team in an advisory capacity, enabling him to provide guidance and mentorship, without the permanent commitment of a full-time CMCO.

Ongoing Counsel and Advice

Dominic can provide counsel and advice to business leaders on shaping the best structures and approaches to meet specific objectives such as growth, acquisition, and sale.

At times like these, leadership teams need flexibility as requirements change and emerge, which is why this approach is sometimes be best, as it can be moulded to work with each business and unique situation.