Working together

Dominic is a firm believer in the power of effective and integrated marketing communications as a tool to drive growth, enhance and protect reputations. His approach is to clarify the long term goal and then work with teams to create a practical road map to reach that destination by efficiently leveraging the budgets and resources available.

In a nutshell, Dominic builds a powerful marketing communications force, ensuring the fundamentals, such as the right strategy, structures and foundations are in place for the long-term. 

Today he works with a range of organisations, from start-ups looking to stand out and accelerate in crowded markets, through to well-funded organisations in need of a kick-start. From challenger brands needing a roadmap to growth, through to businesses facing aggressive competitors. Regardless of the challenge, Dominic’s diverse career around the world and within B2B organisations gives him a good foundation to find the right solution or strategy. His approach includes:

      • Establishing the real challenges ahead, the objectives and goals to achieve and then the right strategic roadmap to follow.
      • Bringing effective and practical integrated marketing communications solutions to each project leveraging the right channels at the right moment to drive objectives forward.
      • Driving forward ambitious targets that underpin business growth and long-term plans, whilst inspiring the passion to achieve them.
      • Identifying, when necessary, the best resources (internally and externally) to carry a business forward and underpin its long term roadmap.
      • Injecting energy into delivery – providing teams and the business with the drive to move plans forward regardless of complexity.
      • Embedding efficient and effective thinking across teams to help them make real achievements, whilst understanding how to leverage and optimise budgets.

Dominic provides a range of services that includes consulting to businesses, and is flexible in how he is engaged.  He can work on short term projects, act as a part-time CMCO to businesses that recognise the need for that level of experience but may not have the budgets for a full time position. He can also parachute in for interim support. He works with a team of industry experts that enables him quickly add a range of skills and disciplines to any project that will act as a force multiplier to the most challenging goals.