Dominic Walters is an established integrated marketing communications strategist who works with B2B organisations around the world to help them harness the power at their fingertips. 


Experienced, credible & Capable

As a leading marketing communications professional with more than 20 years’ experience of delivering effective integrated strategies, Dominic delivers practical solutions that underpin business growth by enhancing and protecting reputations, and setting out the brand narrative.

Having held senior B2B marketing communication roles in organisations including BAE Systems, Network Rail and Inmarsat PCL, and consulted to organisations such as BP, Shell and PizzaExpress Hong Kong, Dominic is an expert in developing integrated marketing communications strategies which enhance every aspect of organisational development.

Passionate & effective

Many companies acknowledge that marketing communications can have a significant impact to business success. However, all too often they do not know how to fully harness that power. That is where effective insight, strategic development and metrics can make all the difference. Facing a challenge, looking to accelerate growth, launch in a new market, re-shaping, or starting from scratch – that is my insight makes real difference.

Thought Leadership

Dominic Walters is an established integrated marketing communications strategist.

Specialising in the B2B sector, he works with organisations around the world to help them truly harness power of marketing communications.

Working with business leaders and mentoring marketing teams, Dominic drives the growth, evolution and effectiveness of marketing capabilities in B2B businesses of all shapes and sizes, all over the world.

From the insight

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