Out of Administration or Chapter 11


Out of Administration or Chapter 11

RUMOURS OF FINANCIAL OR OPERATION DIFFICULTIES; LOW CUSTOMER OR SUPPLIER CONFIDENCE? HOW ARE YOU DEALING WITH IT? The past 12-18 months has seen many challenges for businesses around the world.

One thing that can’t be ignored is the impact this has on company reputation. As business planning looks to the future, re-building, repositioning or strengthening reputation must be central to those plans. Confidence & trust in your strategy & the ability to operate profitably is vital to re-establishing credibility, especially when many are struggling.

Embrace change to your business regardless of whether it is emerging from Chapter 11, tackling rumours from the industry, or restructuring. See it as an opportunity!

Be confident in your decisions but then communicate why they’re right. Your customers, employees, partners, suppliers & investors want to know they are in safe hands when dealing with you &, that your strategic roadmap is ready for the journey ahead. An intelligent marketing communications strategy is key to growth & acceleration plans while also being fundamental to re-building confidence in the business.