The Power of Why?


The Power of Why?

How much does ‘why’ feature in your vocabulary? If not much, why not? I spent half a day exploring the “Power of Why’ with my team during a two-day workshop once. Don’t worry, I am not going to regurgitate those 4 hours here (maybe another time) but I do want to remind you of the importance of this little word.


It is vital to ask why and no one should be afraid of that question. People at all levels of an organisation hesitate to ask why, as they are afraid it will expose them or that they should know the answer. Those concerns are generally unfounded and should never get in the way.

And not only should you ask why but you should keep asking it – twice, three times or even 10 times over. Ask why until you understand the rationale. Trust me – the first ‘why’ often does not peel back the real answer.

The second may get to that and then the third may even expose a flaw in the original thinking. Imagine a third ‘why’ saving your business money or avoiding a silly mistake that could impact your reputation. That would make it worth asking, right?

Let 2021 be the year we get comfortable asking why, why, why!