The Value of Marcomms in M&A

The Value of Marcomms in M&A

Recently, I wrote an article for Acquisitions Daily highlighting the importance and benefits of how marcomms should play a critical role in creating a truly authentic and impactful brand during pre, mid and post M&A.

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For all non-subscribers here are the highlights:

During the complex process of buying, selling or merging, marcomms should be seen as the beating heart of this equation.

The way an organisation communicates impact the success of many different factors including employee engagement, brand value, investor and supplier relations, productivity and pretty much every aspect of an organisation. However, more often than not marcomms is underestimated and undervalued.

With the pick-up, following the 2020 decline, it is now more important than ever to deploy a well-rounded, integrated marketing communication strategy that leverages and ignites momentum going forward.


The strength of a brand will have different implications on the acquisition or sale of a business. As a seller you need to be clear about what you stand for, your USPs and know how to communicate it to potential buyers and suitors through diverse and integrated channels. The marketing communications team is an important element of your overall strategy. Creating a powerful narrative that simply and strongly explains the business, its USP and competitive advantage is not just for the investor team. If the brand and its narrative is weak, but the business is solid, this is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen and accelerate growth in a competitive landscape.


You need to keep the story alive. Ensure employees are feeling involved and energised. Keeping hold of any talent during this transition period is essential. Your narrative will underpin your story and help you maintain traction. Focusing on increasing resources to ensure a smooth transition can have a hugely positive impact on the overall business equity.


Once the negotiation is complete it is vital to continue to harvest the power of marcomms to unify and amplify the messaging moving forward both internally and externally and ensure that every effort underpins the brand and business narrative. It is always eaters to spend time and resources to build a strong marcomms narrative from the start rather than very to scrape it together later down the line.

A well-considered marketing communications strategy can add value to all key stakeholders in the M&A process. Everyone should be leveraging this highly valuable, yet underutilises discipline. Regardless of what side of the M&A process you’re on, the starting point will always be the same: knowing where and how it can add value and support your ultimate objective: purchase, sale, merge, list.