There may be light at the end of the Covid Tunnel


There may be light at the end of the Covid Tunnel

How many times have we heard talk of ‘the new normal’ this year? Without wishing to irritate anyone, as I know the term has been overused, I want to share my genuine belief that some kind of *new normality* is on its way.

Things are certainly a lot more positive than they were at the beginning of this year – research teams are closer than they have ever been to releasing a new vaccine, the aviation industry has seen a second #FlightPlan broadcast event, this time strategising for recovery, and in the UK Boris is ‘hopeful’ that we’ll all spend Christmas with our families.

As many businesses work hard to succeed under the strain of COVID-19, it’s a relief to start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel but right now, many sectors around the world are still under enormous pressure. The more I see and hear about how businesses are adapting to this massive change forced upon them, the more I realise how important it is to take a step back and to do so now.

Now is the time to stop and consider how your business is going to face this modified future. Has your business evolved its products and manufacturing processes? Have the restrictions imposed upon us forced you to innovate and introduce new concepts that better suit the world we are living in? Have you adapted to the changed needs of your customers? Has your mandate or investment strategy changed?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then you need to be asking yourself one very important question – how am I going to communicate this evolution and innovation? That’s because explaining how you’ve changed to adapt to the needs of your customers, employees, partners and investors is vital to your success. If they don’t know about the ‘new you’, as a business, how will they know that you can meet their new needs and goals?

Make sure you don’t have a blindspot when your business comes out of the tunnel. Now is the time to make sure your marketing communications strategy is in place to ensure you can accelerate when the time is right. Your narrative will need to evolve to better reflect where your business is today. This last year has changed the way we all see the world, encouraging us to make choices about the way we want to operate in the future, so make sure the people most important to your business know you’ve moved with them, so they don’t leave you behind.