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You never know what the future will bring. I would never have imagined I would travel across the Sahara for instance. Neither did I foresee myself at 19, dealing with a train crash or, at that age and school firmly behind me, completing a Master’s Degree.

Nearly two decades later I submitted my dissertation and passed with flying colours. And today has brought another surprise.

Let me explain. I left my last role in August and I knew that finding the right next “big challenge” with an ambitious company would take time…and that hunt continues. In the meantime, to keep myself occupied, I turned my attention to one of my big passions – championing the power of good marketing communications and convincing people how crucial it is in driving business success.

Today, I am proud to say that I’ve completed the final draft and designs of my first book on that topic, titled “Harnessing the Power at Your Fingertips”. Out in January and only part one of a series of books on the power of marketing communications.